Facebook Likes: For Once, Less Is More

In the next week or so, you may see the number of Likes on your Facebook business page fall slightly. I know what you're thinking, the sky is falling, right? But, before you panic, let me explain why this is happening and why it's actually a positive thing!

Facebook has always made a concerted effort to remove inactive/fake accounts, but in the coming weeks they're going to be even more proactive in removing these kinds of accounts in larger amounts.

While it initially may seem like a bad thing that your Page Likes have fallen, you should know that the only Likes being removed are from accounts that are inactive anyway. They weren't representative of real people, they weren't interacting with any of your posts, and, most importantly, they weren't ever going to buy or sell a home.

Once Facebook removes these inactive Likes, you will have a very accurate idea of how many real people are interested in what you have to say. Plus, for those of you that are a little more in tune with the statistics/performance of your business page, you will see a much more accurate Engagement Rate. The Reach on your page will be largely unaffected, though you can now be sure that everyone included in that Reach count is definitely real and definitely viewing your posts.

Lastly, business pages that have purchased fake Likes in order to artificially inflate their Like counts will be brought down to their real Like counts, which is only fair.

These updates further reinforce the need for accurate, expertly-done Facebook advertising campaigns. At Back At You Media, we have an Advertising Team that has been running ad campaigns for agents on Facebook for years. They are up-to-date on the latest Facebook advertising changes and know how to get the best, most targeted results. If you run an ad campaign with us to get more targeted Likes on your page, you can be confident that Facebook is not going to remove hundreds of your Likes because we target real users who really live in your area.

In conclusion, if you're playing by the rules and doing great work on your Facebook page, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You'll shed the Likes that weren't doing anything for you and have a clearer view of the success of your page.