Why You Should Spend At Least 30 Minutes a Week on Facebook

As you might guess, we here at Back At You Media spend a considerable part of our day talking with real estate agents. One of the first things I learned when I began working here is that real estate agents are extremely busy people with extremely fluid schedules. Generally, they're very open to new marketing avenues, but they don't have time to learn new systems over and over. Taking all of this into account, here are my tips to getting great ROI from a Facebook business page while only spending about thirty minutes per week.

Post something!

If you're a Back At You client, you already know that we post on your page to keep it active and get engagement from people who follow your page, but posts from you are the secret ingredient that will really make your page successful in terms of ROI. Check out our video on the importance of content:


As long as you're adding your listings, open houses, and success stories to the business page, you're staying top of mind and reaching people you never would have had a connection otherwise. Plus, our Dashboard's scheduling tool makes it super simple to create and schedule multiple posts for the week within a ten minute span.

Respond to people who reach out to you!

It may seem obvious to respond to Facebook users who reach out to you, but you'd be surprised how often we see leads and questions go unanswered on Facebook business pages. Leads captured through our applications and landing pages will be automatically e-mailed to you, but there are two places on Facebook where leads can pop up that you'll want to keep an eye on for additional lead opportunities.

MessagesArrow Click the Messages tab to head to your Inbox where you'll see any private messages sent to the Business Page.

First of all, let's talk about the Messages section. Facebook users can send private messages to your business page and ask about everything and anything. You should absolutely check this at least once a week (if not more often) and respond to all relevant questions.

NotifsArrow Click the Notifications tab to see a list of recent interactions.

Next, when you post content, you'll want to follow up on the interactions on that post. Again, it seems obvious, but if you post a new listing on Facebook, you really should come back to check out the activity on the post. Users could be asking questions about price, location, etc. and they'll want answers in a timely manner!

notifs Click "Notifications" to see a list of recent interactions with your business page. Everything from new Page Likes to Shares will be listed here.

PostNotifs Scroll down your business page Timeline to see the Likes, Comments, and Shares on each particular post. Respond to questions here in the comment section.

Honestly, doing these two things would be a great start! Share content that will positively affect your bottom line/displays your personality and expertise. When followers respond to those posts, don't leave them hanging! Create a conversation with them and let them know you're listening and ready to help. This kind of activity, plus the services provided by Back At You Media (daily content to keep the page active, lead gen landing pages, advertising, etc.), will have you well on your way to a successful Facebook business page without sinking hours and hours into it.