Why You Should Market (Especially) When You're Busy

There's a fable about an animal storing up food for the winter while his peers were happy to feast and relax. Perhaps you remember what happened when winter came... With that in mind, let me explain why it's imperative that you continue your marketing even when you're at the height of busy season.

Your professional year is a series of peaks and valleys. You're busy, then you're not. When you're busy, all you're thinking about is being busy and getting deals done. When you're not, all you can focus on is searching out business so you can be busy again. Rather than transitioning between these two extremes year after year, why not do the following:

When you are busy, don't decrease your marketing, keep it rolling. That way when you close all the deals you have in the works, you have more deals right down the line! At Back At You Media, sometimes we get calls from our clients saying, 'Hey I'm really busy right now, let's reduce my advertising budget.' In our minds, this is the absolute wrong strategy. We understand being overwhelmed by potential business, but that's the best possible problem to have.

Lastly, we'd like to suggest that, not only should you continue your marketing as you get busy, but you should strongly consider increasing your marketing budget since you have increased income. If you are genuinely over your head with leads, refer a few to your colleagues. For the record, the wise animal from the parable ended up helping out his friends in need.

Now, this advice may seem a little self-serving coming from a company that handles social media marketing, but we truly think that it's in your best interest. If you can relate to the peaks and valleys we mentioned, keep marketing while you're busy, line up those opportunities, and see if that helps smooth out the extremes. That way, when winter comes (both literally and figuratively), you'll be well prepared.