Why You Should Make Facebook the Center of Your Marketing

Remember when having a website became absolutely mandatory for, not only real estate agents, but for all businesses? Then, years later, everyone started creating a presence on Facebook. Now here we are in 2016, and Facebook has never been more important to the success of a small business. Your website used to be the center of your online marketing, but Facebook is proving to be a much more dynamic and productive center for your marketing efforts. Are traditional website obsolete at this point? Certainly not! But given its power, here's how you can make your Facebook business page the center of your marketing.

Getting Connected and Staying Connected

Let's say someone visits your website and likes what they see, but they aren't ready to make a move just yet. The chances that they'll remember your URL or how to find your site again in three months is extremely slim. On the other hand, if the same individual visits your Facebook Page, they can simply "Like" your page to stay connected. Let's fast forward three months. That individual is now more serious about making a move, but they can't quite remember your name. They type "Real Estate" into Facebook's search, Facebook recognizes that they've Liked your page and assumes you're who they're looking for, so you pop up first in the results. They can now shoot you a Facebook message and the journey begins.

The Social Factor

Pointing out that Facebook, a social network, is a good place to be social goes without saying, and yet it is a huge advantage that your website doesn't really offer. When someone visits your website, they're only going to reach out through a contact form if they're ready to make a move in the near future. This isn't great for people who are going to buy/sell 3+ months down the line. On Facebook, however, users are free to comment on all shared content whether it's an open house, a new listing, a local event, etc. The simple fact that you can have a pressure-free conversation through Facebook comments is completely underrated from a branding angle. You'll be top-of-mind with users who have conversed with you in the past, even if those conversations were just simple and fun. Showcasing your personality through being social is key. As Will, our Head Coach, always says, "People want to work with agents they like."

Reach People Where They're Already Spending Time

People spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook; it's just a fact of life at this point. (By the way, if you think only younger generations are using Facebook, READ THIS.) Why spend time and money trying to drive traffic to your website when you could reach people where they already are: Facebook. It's a much more cost-effective way to get in front of the members of your target market. Plus, people feel comfortable interacting on Facebook because they've been doing it for years. Often times, reaching out through an agent's website feels sales-y and awkward.

Your website still holds a ton of value. Facebook is no place to host all your listings, your home search tool, etc. Use your website for that stuff. However, for starting a conversation, staying top-of-mind, and driving traffic to the important parts of your website, leverage your Facebook page!