Why You Should Embrace Video on Facebook

The standard for good quality social media content is in constant flux. Three years ago, a few simple sentences of text would be a perfectly acceptable status update. In 2015 however, so many people are sharing so many different kinds of interesting content, you've got to be really interesting to stand out! Video is a great way to be different and Facebook's News Feed is actually set up to favor video posts, so you have every reason to give it a shot!

Back At You Media client Tom Anderson recently shared an outstanding example of video content on his Facebook business page. Tom specializes in helping the deaf community buy and sell real estate in the Austin area. Watch his video here:

Deaf Real EstateI'm Tom Anderson, and I've sold over 400 homes in the past 23 years. I can help you find, sell, or rent your home. Contact me today!

Posted by Austin Deaf Real Estate: Tom Anderson on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Now, take a look at these statistics from the post (posted 4/15, stats recorded 4/24):

  • 88,256 people reached
  • 31,943 video views (28,093 of them were unique views)
  • He also gained over 400 new Page Likes in the last 7 days

Perhaps the most impressive part of all this is the fact that this post was never boosted, all of this engagement and reach was completely organic. Clearly, this particular video's success is due, in part, to its appeal to Tom's very specific target audience, the deaf community. The challenge for you will be figuring out what really appeals to your target market and will make them want to engage in a similar fashion.

I mentioned earlier that Facebook's News Feed favors video posts over some other types of content, here's how: As you may have noticed in your own personal use of Facebook, videos automatically start playing as you scroll past them on the News Feed. This tends to engage users immediately, especially if the beginning of your video grabs viewers' attention. They begin playing silently so they don't startle or annoy, but if a user is intrigued, they can simply tap on the video to turn audio on.

Whether you're creating a video introducing yourself and your services, or perhaps a video of a new listing, you'll be sharing something that your followers will definitely notice right off the bat. Have a quick brainstorming session with your team and figure out what really makes your target market tick, then get out there and create a great video! It doesn't have to be overly-produced or filmed on any professional equipment either. These days, we all have access to cameras that shoot in HD (hint: it's in your pocket) and editing has never been easier. Give it a try and see if you can't go viral like Tom!