Twitter Verification Just Got Easier!

Until now, the process for becoming verified on Twitter was a little bit mysterious. It seemed as though Twitter was picking and choosing who they thought should be verified, and there was no way to request or apply for verification. However, Twitter has recently changed this process. You can now use this form to apply for Twitter verification.

Being verified on Twitter has one main advantage: it adds major legitimacy to your business and brand. Twitter users will feel confident that the content you post is trustworthy and that you're an established, respected agent.

Twitter provides some suggestions for increasing your chances of being verified, such as:

  • A bio
  • A verified phone number
  • If the account is a corporate or company account, the email address associated with the account should be a corporate or company email address.
  • The profile and/or header photo should reflect the person, the corporation’s branding, or the company’s branding.

For a complete list of these suggestions, check out this article from Twitter.

If you're new to Twitter, you're probably not ready to be verified just yet, but here are some suggestions for how to use it correctly. If you don't have a Twitter account yet, but you want to get started, here are the simple instructions to create an account.

Is your Facebook business page verified yet? If not, here's how!

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