Surprise New Feature: Your Branded Bar

Update: We have since disabled Branded Bar technology. We're actively exploring other ways to accomplish the same goal with a different strategy.

Here at Back At You Media, we're constantly doing our best to develop new tools that make your life easier and your marketing more effective. We've been working on this particular tool for a bit, but wanted to keep it a secret until now! It's called the Branded Bar and it allows you to #BrandTheInternet. When you use the Scheduler in your Social Media Center to post a link, we'll automatically add a personalized bar at the top of the web page you're linking to.

Want an example of how this Branded Bar technology can help you massively expand your exposure? Check it out:

Let's say you're an agent in the beautiful little town of Stuart, Florida, and you realize that your community landed at #3 on's list of the Best Small Towns to Visit! Well this is great news, and it's definitely something that you'd be wise to share on social media. So you copy the URL to this list and head to the Scheduler Tab of your Social Media Center. You then choose "Link" as your post type (1), paste the URL in the field that asks for your link (2), and click the "Preview" button (3). You write a catchy caption (4), make sure "Enable Branded Bar" is checked (5), Boost the post (if desired), and schedule it!


Easy as pie, right? When that link posts on your social media accounts and the interested citizens of Stuart, FL click on it, not only will they glow with pride as they read about their town making a prestigious list, but they'll also see your face smiling back at them (see below)! Plus, if they are suddenly curious about the value of their home, they need to look no further than that green button in the top right! And, as always, those leads will be delivered exclusively to you.


Using your Branded Bar truly allows you to #BrandTheInternet! Hop into your Social Media Center now, schedule a great link post, and you'll be well on your way to world domination...or at least smarter, more effective online marketing.

Ready to give it a try? Click here to head to your Scheduler and create a Link post!