Showcasing Your “Voice” on Facebook

In the business world, companies focus a lot of effort on differentiation, the things that make them different than the competition. The real estate space is chock full of competition which makes your differentiation even more vital. Potential clients want to work with someone they can relate to, someone they like, and someone they believe to be an expert. Let’s talk a bit about some ways you can utilize your Facebook page to show potential clients why you’re different and why that makes you a better choice than your competition.

The most direct way you can showcase some of your personality on Facebook is by creating posts that are outside the realm of standard business stuff. You definitely want to share things that directly affect your bottom line, such as open houses and new listings, but you also want to share things like a picture of you at a community event or a new, locally-owned restaurant. These simple posts will show people that you are deeply-rooted in your community which should help them feel more comfortable with you. Another advantageous type of post would be a success story. For example, if you help a new family buy their first house, create a post featuring their story and share it on your page. Lastly, if you do any volunteering of any kind, whether with your team or on your own, sharing stories in which you’re contributing to your community can only have positive results.

Another big mistake that businesspeople make on Facebook is taking the time to post, even the types of posts suggested here, but when followers interact with said posts, the poster ignores the interaction. The excuse always seems to be that the agent is too busy. We’re all busy, but perhaps you would make some time for Facebook if you viewed these interactions as potential money on the table, which is exactly how we view them. Not every single user that interacts with your Facebook page will be in the market to buy or sell, but at some point they will be and when the time comes, you’ll be in a much better position to gain their business if you engage them rather than ignoring them when they reach out. Be approachable! Be engaging! Facebook is like a cocktail party, so if you put something out there and people respond, don’t let the exchange end there or you may be leaving money on the table.

Your brand is more than just a creative logo and color scheme. Your brand includes the feeling people get when interacting with you and your Facebook business page is an extension of that. You should absolutely put forth effort to make sure that your voice is being accurately portrayed across all of your marketing platforms and that that representation is going to turn into a better bottom line at the end of the day.