Pokémon Go: What You Need To Know

The Pokémon have taken over! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that the nation has become enamored by the (mostly) cute and cuddly Pokémon.

Released on July 6th, the gaming app has become the number one fastest growing application of all time. Reports show that Pokémon Go makes $1.6M/day and could be valued at $1B by the end of the year. So how can you tap in?

While Pokémon Go appeals to millennials who are feeling nostalgic for the original Nintendo game released in the late 90s, any age can learn how to harness the app’s power and sweeping popularity to further your real estate marketing efforts and can catch ‘em all!

How you can use Pokémon Go for Real Estate:

Open Houses:

  • Pokémon Go is a location-based, augmented reality application, meaning that you have to be outside and walk around to use it. Foot traffic is the key to a successful open house and foot traffic is what Pokemon Go is all about! The game requires users to walk around and explore their area. This can immediately lead to more people walking near your open house.
  • Have you ever had a family attend your open house, but then the kids got antsy and caused the family to leave? Today those kids are probably playing Pokémon Go, searching for Charmanders in the backyard of your listing. This means more time for you to talk to the parents and less time spent worrying about them wreaking havoc.
  • People who play Pokémon Go like to discuss it with other people who play! It has become a socially relevant topic for people of all ages. If you get a group of players together in your open house, they’ll have common ground and be more likely to ask questions and inquire about your open house.
  • Cast a lure at the closest Pokéstop near you. Pokémon Go indexes points of interest as designated Pokéstop (i.e. a coffee shop, restaurants, or outdoor art). By casting a lure you attract Pokémon to an area for thirty minutes and can be seen by everyone using the app. A carefully placed “Open House” sign by the lure will only help further your chances for people to follow the trail of Pikachus and Pidgeys all the way to your open house.

IMG_0125 Here's what users see on their phone screen while playing.


  • Snap a pic of a Pokémon outside your listing and include it on social media. Potential buyers might come flocking to catch the Bellsprout. Don’t worry - no bug spray needed.
  • Use the geolocation feature to list how close a listing is to a Pokégym (a place where users can battle each others’ Pokémon), Pokéstop, and Pokémon found in your area.

Our Pokémon Go Wish List/Challenges:

Pokémon Go is a ton of fun to play and drives foot traffic, but at a week old - it still has a long way to go. Here are some of our suggestions for making the game more effective for real estate professionals:

  • Allow users to pay to create a Pokéstop or Pokégym at a place of their choosing. Agents could create one of these locations at an open house and attract players to it!
  • Location-based advertising. Similar to the ads in apps like Waze, location-based apps are perfect for location-based advertising. Agents could use this to advertise to people within a mile or two on the day of their open house.
  • Incorporate ways to socialize the gaming app. Although Pokémon Go allows users to explore their area with GPS like accuracy, there is currently no way to share your location, status, or transfer Pokémon to other users. With built in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the ability to socialize the game could help tap into the existing networks and audiences you’ve already built.

We hope these tips help you incorporate Pokémon Go in your marketing efforts! Have you used Pokémon Go? Have a tip we didn’t mention - let us know in the comments. And be safe out there while you’re catching ‘em all!