New Snapchat Tool: Custom GeoFilters

Did you know that you can now make custom Snapchat geofilters right from your phone?

In case you're not familiar, Snapchat is one of the biggest social media apps in the world and it includes many location-specific filters. The company now allows users to design their own custom filters that users can utilize when sending or posting a picture.


In addition to designing the filter, the user selects how long the filter will run for and it’s exact location, similar to how Facebook runs its paid advertising campaigns. They also start at just $5 per filter.

How can this help you, the friendly neighborhood real estate agent? Well, one idea could be to create filters for all of your open houses. For just $5 (you won’t need more), you’ll be able to have a filter encompassing the immediate area around your listing. You could place your own name and company on the filter as well, helping to further your brand recognition.


This also could be a particularly keen tactic to appeal to millennial buyers, who are by far Snapchat’s biggest demographic. There are plenty of possibilities for what you could do with this new feature, and plenty of potential new clients out there waiting to be found!