New Facebook Feature: Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons

Facebook continues to think of cool ways to help businesses appeal to their customers efficiently and conveniently.

Recently, we've seen the wide release of a Facebook program called Bluetooth® Beacons. According to Facebook, these beacons do one simple thing:

...beacons send a signal to the Facebook app on your customers' phones to help us show them the right place tips about your place.

Basically, if you walk into a store or office that has a Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon, it can send a signal to the phone in your pocket and deliver you "place tips" for that location.

What does this mean to you? Well I was recently doing some general reviews of our clients' Pages and I saw this:



Some of our highly-trafficked clients' pages are being offered early entry into the Beacon program, and for those who haven't been, here's where you can apply HERE.

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In the real estate world, Facebook's Beacon program won't be useful for everyone, but if you work in an office with a decent amount of clients coming and going, page tips could go a long way in showing that your company is technologically savvy. Also, recipients of your office's page tips would be able to see things like upcoming events (open houses), friends' recommendations (positive reviews of your agents), and a customizable welcome note to make potential clients feel at home.

Want even more information on the Facebook Beacon program? Facebook would be happy to answer all of your questions!