Inman Report: Comparing Online Lead Sources - Part 2

Recently, Inman released a report that took an in-depth look at Online Leads. They polled agents, team leaders, and broker-owners to learn more about where they were finding success with online leads, both paid and unpaid. Since they gathered so much data, we're going to break our analysis of the report into two pieces, Best ROI of Paid Online Lead Sources and Best Sources of Unpaid Online Leads.

(...this is part two of our analysis, for part one CLICK HERE)

The Inman Report compared how agents and brokers viewed the Return on Investment of a variety of unpaid sources. When discussing the Return on Investment of unpaid leads, "investment" refers to the time and effort spent to get those leads. Of those polled, more than 60% said unpaid leads from LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Craiglist resulted in a poor ROI. On the other hand, 58% of those who had gotten unpaid leads from Facebook said the ROI on those leads was either mediocre, good, or great.

Concerning unpaid online leads, Inman came to a simple and clear conclusion:

"Facebook is the most common source of unpaid leads among agent respondents."


"Real estate agents looking to dredge up more leads organically might want to focus the most energy on interacting on Facebook, attracting organic traffic through search engines and reeling in visitors through agent profiles, property details pages and discussion forums on listing portals, as unpaid leads that grow out of these activities generally deliver the highest return on investment, according to agent respondents."

If your resources include less money and more time, investing that time in Facebook is likely your best bet when it comes to getting unpaid leads. We consistently see our clients get comments and messages on Facebook that quickly turn into leads and, on a regular basis, there was no money spent to acquire those leads, just a little bit of effort. We strongly believe that being attentive and active on social media has its rewards, and that's what the people who participated in this poll have confirmed.