How Good Do You Look on Mobile?

Many of us spend a lot of time on our desktops and laptops during the workday, especially when we're checking up on our Facebook business pages. However, the people you want to reach are viewing your Facebook activity on their tablets and mobile phones more frequently everyday. With this in mind, let's take a look at how you appear to those people, and which parts of Facebook are most apparent on mobile. (We're going to focus on iOS views because the iPhone and Droid views aren't terribly different.)

When a Facebook user with an iPhone lands on your business page, here's what they see first:


Cover Photo, Profile Picture, Page Name and Page Category


The first thing users are going to be drawn to is your compacted cover photo and your profile picture. They will also see your page name and page category.

Actions: Like, Save, Message, More


Next, users are going to see a few options where they can quickly take action. They can Like your page, if they haven't already. They can Save your page for easy access later. They can send your page a private message. And finally, they can click "More" which allows them to Share your page with their friends.


Number of Likes

In the next section, Facebook will tell users how many Likes are on your business page and will mention if a friend of theirs already Likes the page. In this example, I can see that my good friend Tim has already Liked Back At You Media's page. Perhaps I should Like it too...maybe someday.

Call-To-Action Button (if applicable)

If you've set up a Call-To-Action button, it will appear below the Likes section and allow users to easily take an action that you've specified. If you haven't configured a Call-To-Action button yet, we highly suggest it. Here's how!

Invite friends to like this Page

Lastly, Facebook gives users a chance to quickly invite their friends to Like your business page.

Depending on your settings, Facebook may also use this section to display your Reviews, the hours your office is open, etc. (see below)LikesHoursReviews



As users scroll down, Facebook is going to display information from your About section to provide users with some context about what it is that you do and where you do it. Depending on your settings, the business page may show a mini map of your office address and a really quick way for people to call you with one click (see above). Or, if you haven't provided an address and/or phone number, Facebook will use this area to display your page's Short Description (see below). You'll want to make sure that this short summary accurately and succinctly describes what you do and how you do it. Not sure how to edit these settings? Go to your page, click About, and then Page Info.




Recently posted photos show up in the next section. This includes image posts, albums, and recently uploaded profile and/or cover photos.



Finally we come to the Timeline, the place where all your posts live in reverse chronological order. These posts are usually experienced by your followers through their News Feeds, but if they come to your profile to see what you've been up to, here's where they can find your recent activity.


So what can we take away from all of this? We know that the cover photo and page name are important, mostly because they're seen first. Next, we know that Facebook is encouraging users to take action through Call-To-Action and one click call buttons! Facebook then provides some background about the reason your business page exists by showing users details from your About section. Hop on your phone or tablet and take a look at how you can improve your page's appearance for the growing amount of mobile Facebook users.