Facebook Updates: July 2018

Facebook recently announced additions to their Business Pages that aim to improve transparency. First, a new section on each Page will allow users to look up general information such as the creation date of the Page and any name changes since its’ creation. In addition, there will be a separate section where users can look at all of the active ads currently being run by a given Page.

Facebook Pages transparency

COO Sheryl Sandberg noted that this is just the first step in series of moves that Facebook is planning to implement to improve the transparency of their advertisements.Sandberg also thinks that advertisers will be on board with the majority of these changes because advertisers stand behind the ads that they run, so it doesn’t necessarily hurt them in any way if people can see all the ads they’re running. She mentioned that some advertisers expressed concerns about competitors being able to see all their ads, but Sandberg argued that competitors can already see the ads, this just puts them all in one place.

While Facebook’s recent changes don’t seem like much on the surface, we think that these changes actually present a net benefit to the real estate professionals who work with us here at Back At You. When users have the ability to see all the ads that your page is promoting, it makes it easier for them to view any listings you’re currently promoting when they come to your Page. It potentially translates to less work for potential leads, and more exposure for the ads we create together. All in all, we’re fans of these recent changes, and we applaud Facebook for its’ continued efforts to improve transparency on their site.