Facebook Update: Customize Message Suggestions

Facebook introduced suggested messages for visitors to your Page awhile ago, but recently they made them customizable (which is way more valuable!) Here's how to change these suggested messages to perfectly fit you!

Head to your Facebook Business Page and click Settings in the top right


Select Messaging from the tabs on the left side of the Settings page


Scroll down to the setting labeled "Help people start a conversation with your Page." If it's off, turn it on, then click Change.


Scroll down a bit to customize which questions you'd like suggested

Facebook may suggest a number of them for you and should show you a real time example as you change them. Take note of the grey text below the example that say, "People who send you a message organically or from an ad will see 2 to 4 questions, depending on how many you write. If you add more than 4, the questions shown will be selected randomly." We have set up four so that Facebook doesn't randomly choose, but you're welcome to create a bunch! Keep in mind, these suggestions will be shown to visitors to your Page and they'll be asking YOU the questions.


Don't forget to click Save!

If you want to see how visitors will experience these changes, just head to your Page using someone else's Facebook account. (It won't be the same if you use an account that is an Admin of your Page.)

Want some ideas for your custom questions? Try some of these:

  • Can you help me buy a home?
  • Can you help me sell my home?
  • How does the market look right now?
  • Can you send me great properties?
  • Can you give me a call?
  • I have a referral for you, can you help?