Facebook Messaging Becoming More Efficient Than E-mail?

It's hard to imagine e-mail being replaced on a large scale, but Facebook has never backed down from a challenge. Recently, some Facebook business page owners have seen major enhancements in their Page Messaging menus that could make communications with clients or potential clients very time-efficient while preserving a personalized feel.

Let's take a look at some of these brand new options:


In the above screenshot, you can see a few Saved Replies that Facebook created. Obviously these are very simple replies, but if you have a lot of contact with clients or potential clients, you'll probably find yourself answering the same handful of questions over and over. Rather than constantly re-typing these messages, why not create a Saved Reply? Perhaps, the recipient would be turned off by a generic message, right? Well, what if you could insert the recipient's name with one click?

Here's a Saved Reply that Back At You might want to implement for future use when someone sends us a message simply asking for some general, quick assistance:


The area that says, "Person's first name" will automatically populate with the first name of whoever you send this message to. Clearly this is a simplistic example, but you should think about how using these quick, personalized messages can save time in your life!

Oh, and if you were worried about not enough people using Facebook Messenger, it was just announced that the Messenger app has received 1 billion downloads.

Messages1-CreateReply The menu for creating a new Saved Reply

Options for Saved Reply personalization Options for Saved Reply personalization