Facebook Lingo 1: Page Elements

We've talked a bit about Facebook having its own culture and much like other different cultures, Facebook has its own language as well. To help you understand the Facebook terms that we use on our coaching calls and so on, check out this series of posts we'll call, Facebook Lingo. This first installment will clue you in to terms that we use to describe elements of the design of the Facebook Business Page.

  • Timeline: A Facebook term that is often confused with the News Feed. At first glance they do look similar, but some closer inspection will reveal some key differences. The Timeline means the center of the profile where your content exists. Business Timelines are all public, meaning that any Facebook user can see them and the content that’s been posted on them.

  • News Feed: A personalized stream of content that is populated by one’s friend’s activity as well as the content of the business pages they’ve Liked. This stream is different for every user and can only be seen by that user. Traditional Facebook ads can be found on the right-hand side and promoted/suggested posts (another form of advertising) are placed within the News Feed among your friends' content. For those of you with an ad campaign, those are two places your ads appear to those users who fall into your target demographics.

  • Cover Photo and Profile Picture: The rectangular image at the top of the business page is the cover photo (green). The square image on the bottom left of the cover photo is the profile picture (red). While the profile picture and cover photo overlap, they are actually separate elements.

  • Applications: Apps are more than just links. They are pieces of programmed technology that can do a variety of things. For example, our Home Value App is a landing page that will supply the user with an immediate estimate of their home’s value. Our Search Homes app is a tool that will redirect to a client’s IDX search on their website.

Check back soon for the next installment of Facebook Lingo and learn more about this new culture :)