Facebook Gets Stricter (And Why That's Ok!)

Facebook has made even more updates to try to fight fake news. This time, Facebook has disabled the ability for Pages edit the previews of the links they post. This means that when Facebook Pages post links, if they don’t like the image or description that’s in the default preview, they will no longer be able to customize it.

Why is Facebook doing this? Well, previously Facebook Pages had the ability to change the previews of links they wanted to post, and some pages used this ability to deceive people of that actual contents of a link, which led to fake news spreading rapidly. Facebook has decided that the best way to solve this issue is just to get rid of the option to edit previews entirely.

How does this affect Back At You users? The good news is, it really doesn’t! When you schedule links to be posted on Facebook using the Scheduler in our Social Media Center, you can edit the preview to look exactly how you want! Is the image blurry or not representative of what you’re trying to share? Upload a new one and change it! Is there no description for the article you’re trying to share? Write one up yourself!

This change in Facebook’s settings gives Back At You Users a significant advantage over the rest of Facebook users. Instead of being limited to posting things that have a good preview (or risking your page looking bad by posting low quality links), you have the ability to post anything you want and make it look great with our Social Media Center.

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