Facebook Business Profile Redesign

Ok, nobody panic...but there are changes coming to your Facebook business page! Just when you were getting in the groove of using your page, Facebook is going to change it all! But don’t worry, we’re here to get you through it and soon you’ll see it just looks different, but acts exactly the same as before. We know this change might start out as an inconvenience, but we promise you’ll survive!

First things first, this profile redesign was supposed to begin appearing on business pages starting March 10th, but that didn’t quite happen. A handful (maybe 10%) of our clients’ pages have been switched over to the new profile as of May 1st and the changes seem to have been postponed for everyone else. That being said, the changes will come to every business page eventually, so let’s get you prepared!

A picture is worth a thousand words so before we go on, check out this new profile (keep in mind, this is the new view for Admins of the business page, they will appear slightly different to the public). All these images are clickable by the way! Just click to enlarge.

The first difference you probably notice is the lack of the “Admin Panel” which Facebook recently started calling the “Page Manager”. You might have used the Admin Panel in the past, but don’t despair! All of its tools still exist, they've just been moved around.

Admin Tools

As you can see, the top row of the Admin Panel which showcased Notifications and Messages has been moved to the right (black arrow). If you hover your mouse over each section a box pops out and reveals more information.

Another change that will be important to our clients is the new way applications are displayed. They are now in two places, in two formats:

1. Just below the Cover Photo, the apps are accessible and displayed with their names only (White arrow above) and 2. The apps also appear on the left-hand side with their names and pictures. (Red arrow below)

Another somewhat obvious change is the Timeline itself, where your content appears. In the old profile, content would appear chronologically in two columns which really made very little sense. Those two columns have been consolidated into one chronological Timeline. Now, the left-hand column contains the “About” section, including your website, your apps, and your recently uploaded photos.

These changes might seem major at first, but all the tools you know and love are still available to you and in the end this redesign will be better for all of us!

As always, our coaching team is here to talk you through any questions you might have, feel free to give us a call!

Looking for some more information? Check out Facebook's blog post about the new design HERE!