Facebook Advertising: Where to Start

If you're interested in adding Facebook advertising to your marketing mix, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of campaign options. The good news is, if you're just getting started with Facebook ads, there's no need to run before you crawl. In a perfect world, if money was no object, you could run a campaign to get more Page Likes, a campaign to get Seller Leads, and a campaign to promote your current listings. However, if your budget or experience restricts from running multiple campaigns simultaneously, decide where you fit into the following groups and run one campaign to get comfortable with how everything works. Once you’re comfortable, you can graduate to managing multiple ad campaigns at once.

Starting From Scratch?

If you have recently created a new Facebook business page, or you created it awhile ago, but it has less than 200 Page Likes, you need to launch a Growth Campaign. You can efficiently increase the number of followers on your page and make sure those followers are from your community and target market.

Have a Respectable Following? Time to Get Leads!

Once you've got a large audience made up of members of your target market, you're ready to focus on getting some tangible leads on a consistent basis. We suggest running an ad campaign to target users who may be thinking about selling their home in the foreseeable future. Here at Back At You Media, we use a home valuation landing page for these Seller Lead ad campaigns and have had some great success.

Need to Move Some Listings?

If you've got listings that need some extra attention, you can create an ad campaign based around one specific property. If you've got a great video of the property, you can run a video ad. If not, drive traffic to the featured listing on your website. The best part about these ads is that users can indicate their interest levels right on Facebook. Rather than searching out your e-mail address or phone number, they can simply 'comment' on the ad and ask when they might be able to tour the home. These listing ads are a surefire strategy to get more eyes on the property and a great way to gauge the market's interest.


If all this talk of Facebook ads seems like a lot to wrap your head around, that's ok! You're not necessarily an internet marketer, you're a real estate professional. If you'd like some assistance running any type of Facebook ad campaign, we're always here to help! Give us a call at (818) 990-0565 or just shoot an e-mail to support@backatyou.com, and we'll be more than happy to discuss how we can give you a helping hand in achieving your goals.