Deciphering Facebook's Insights

Facebook gives its users great data on the performance of Business pages that they manage. As is the case with all marketing, you can't measure effectiveness without analyzing your results! However, if you're new to Facebook marketing, some of the terms within their "Insights" section might be new to you! Here's your guide to understanding Facebook's Insights (we'll break it up by the names of the tabs in the upper left):


Net Likes


This graph shows you Likes and Unlikes over time as well as whether the Likes were Organic or Paid. Remember, these are Page Likes, not Likes on pieces of content that you've posted.

Where Your Page Likes Happened


Ever wondered where people are seeing your page and choosing to Like it? This graph will give you a much clearer picture. This is even more helpful if you're running ads of some sort because it'll tell you if those ads are giving you the secondary benefit of Page Likes.


Post Reach


This one is simple, it's the number of unique views your content received over a period of time. Rather than displaying it broken up by individual pieces of content, this graph combines reach on all posted content.

Reactions, Comments, and Shares


This chart tells you a lot about your level of engagement. It's one thing to know the number of people who are seeing your content, but this graph tells you about how many people are interacting with that content. This is a great way to measure how engaged your audience is and whether or not they're responding to what you have to say.



This is a deeper dive into engagement and it tells you how often people use specific Reactions when interacting with your content.

Hide, Report as Span, and Unlikes


If you're posting things that annoy or offend, this graph might be pretty active. It shows how often Facebook users hide one of your posts, hide one of your posts and all future posts, report your content as spam, or unlike your Page. As Facebook notes, "These actions will decrease the number of people you reach." This would be something you want to avoid!

Page Views


This section is pretty self-explanatory. It tells you how many people are visiting your Page. This may seem similar to Reach, but remember that most of your content 'reaches' people through their News Feeds, not by visiting your Page and poking around. However, those who do come poke around on your Page, will be counted in these charts. You can see some demographic information about these users and you can see what sections of your Page are visited most often.

Actions on Page


You're probably wondering, of the people who come visit your Page, what actions do they take? Great question, the Actions on Page tab will give you the answer. A lot of this information comes from people using Facebook on their phones. You can see the number of users who called you by clicking on your phone number on Facebook, how many users visited your website by clicking the link on Facebook, and how many people clicked on your Call-To-Action button, if you've configured one.


When Your Fans Are Online


Ever wondered when majority of users who Like your Page are online? Wonder no longer because this graph helps you pinpoint when your followers are online by time of week and time of day.

All Posts Published


If you want to see the individual performance of things that you've posted by Reach and Engagement, look no further. This is a very helpful section if you want to see which posts are resonating with your audience.



If you want to know what kinds of people follow your page, see your content, and engage with your content, check out the People section. You can see things like where they live, the percentages of genders, and age distribution. Obviously it's important to know your audience, and if you see that the majority of your followers live outside your target market, maybe it's time to advertise in your area!

So there you have it, the highlights of Facebook's Insights explained! Now that you know what you're looking at, use this data to constantly improve your Facebook game.