Connecting With Your Audience: Facebook Live

Staying in touch with past and potential clients has always been and always will be important. Over the years, agents have used countless strategies for stay top-of-mind and proving expertise along the way. Our front runner for today's most effective (and most fun) way to stay in touch: Facebook Live.


What Is It?

Facebook Live is a Facebook feature that allows you to live-stream from your personal profile, business page, or within a Facebook Group. As you stream, people can watch (obviously), react (Like, Love, etc), and comment (which you can see and respond to in real time).

When Should I Use Live?

Real estate professionals have valuable opportunities to leverage Facebook Live technology, here are a few:

  • Open Houses: Not everyone will be available to attend your open house, maybe they're busy, maybe they live far away, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't love a tour! Flip on Facebook Live and show off your listings' best features. Viewers can comment with questions (such as, "Wow, when can I schedule a showing!?) and you can immediately respond.
  • Market Updates: Things people enjoy: Being up-to-date on the real estate market in their area. Things people don't enjoy: Reading and trying to interpret market reports, charts, and data. On a monthly basis, do a Facebook Live simply discussing the real estate climate in your market. Keep it brief and easy to understand, and try to do it on a consistent basis so that repeat viewers will know when to tune back in.

How Do I Use It?

Facebook Live is only available through the Facebook app on your smartphone. Open the app, go to your business page, click "Publish," and then click "Live Video." Here are some additional Live tips from Facebook:

Wait, I'm nervous!

It's totally understandable to be a little nervous about launching your first Facebook Live, but just remember to have fun with it! Showcasing your personality and expertise will do wonders for your online presence and your overall brand. Your friends, family, and followers will be thrilled to see you doing what you do best and potential clients will be impressed with how tech-savvy you are!

Ok, I'm Finished Streaming...Now What?

One of the most important features of Facebook Live is the ability to post the recorded video when you're finished. Users who didn't have a chance to tune in live can still benefit from your stream by watching it on their own time. If anything went wrong, or you don't want the video to live forever on the internet, simply don't post the recorded version!

Now that you're educated on the subject, get streaming! We can't wait to tune in and see what you come up with.