Coming Soon: Facebook Live Audio

There has been a huge amount of buzz recently about Facebook Live. Perhaps you've seen commercials urging you to go live or maybe you've even seen bus stop ads about it like some members of our team! Whether you're aware or not, Facebook is really pushing to make 'Going Live' a part of everyday life.

Back At You Media is obviously drinking the Kool-Aid. We have a weekly show broadcast on Facebook Live where we talk about real estate and social media! We have suggested a few times that agents should become a bit more active on Facebook Live whether they're showing open houses, answering questions about the market, or simply showing off their personality!

However, maybe you're a bit on the shy side or even just the camera-shy side. Well Facebook has good news for you: Facebook Live Audio. By early 2017 you should be able to broadcast live audio over Facebook without any video component!


If you just want to give a weekly update on the market without getting camera ready, Facebook Live Audio could be your answer! Look forward to more updates about this new tool!