Be Successful on Facebook in 6 Simple Steps

Real estate agents are busy and have limited time for social media marketing, there's no other way to slice it. With this in mind, our coaching team put together a few time-efficient things you should be doing on Facebook on a regular basis. If you ever need help executing any of these steps, please don't hesitate to let us know!

1) Reply to any messages in your Inbox

It may seem obvious, but unfortunately, we have seen agents ignore messages from potential clients and lose their business. So, make sure to log in and check the Page daily if you can, just to see if you have any messages. Plus, Facebook has made responding to these messages easier and more efficient than ever.


If you have a new message, you'll see a red number to the right of the word "Messages", like the one next to "Notifications" in this screenshot.

2) Reply to any Comments on your Posts that warrant a response
You don't have to reply to someone's comment if they simply leave a comment on a post saying "Cool!" or "I agree!" or "This is beautiful", but you'll occasionally see comments on photos saying, "Is this your listing?" to which you could reply, "No, just a beautiful kitchen I thought I'd share. Why? Are you looking? I do have some wonderful listings. Give me a call!"

3) "SHARE" Posts from your Real Estate Page to your Personal Page
This is a great way to make your Friends aware of the Page, and to encourage them to "LIKE" your Page, without asking them to do it outright. It also creates the opportunity for them to "SHARE" the posts with their Friends as well. Do this occasionally, but not with every single post.

4) Invite all new clients to LIKE your Business Page
Getting your clients connected to your Page gives you a much better way to stay in front of them, and it makes it easy for them to refer you to their Friends. But, a key to making this work is to ALWAYS include a call-to-action in your listing and open house posts saying something to the effect of "SHARE this with anyone you know who may be looking for a new home this year!" People need to be prodded into action like that.

You can even install a permanent Call-to-Action button on your Business Page.

5) Be a good dinner party guest
Being a good "Facebooker" is a lot like being a good dinner party guest. Let's say you, a Real Estate Agent, go to a dinner party with a Teacher, a Mechanic, and a Dentist. You wouldn't sit down at the dinner table and start going on and on and on about yourself, your listings, etc. If you're a good dinner party guest you want to ask questions about the other guests, start and participate in conversation about your community, about things that interest each other, and establish commonality. If your car breaks down a few weeks later, you're probably going to think of that mechanic from the dinner party that you got along well with!
Facebook is a lot like that dinner party. This is not to say that you won't do some self-promoting, you will. It just means that all the other kinds of conversation, the posts just for fun, with no self-promotion elements are just as important and can also lead to business.

6) Take advantage of the scheduling tools on Facebook and in the Back At You Client Dashboard
You don't have to think of or post something every day. You can set aside 10-20 minutes once a week to create all of the posts you're going to do, for your listings, your open houses, etc., all in the one sitting. You'll just ration these posts out over future dates. Doing this makes things far more manageable and that helps you maintain consistency. And consistency is one of the most important things in Facebook Marketing.

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