Be Ahead of the Game with Facebook "Services"

Last week, Facebook quietly started testing a new service similar to Yelp which you can check out here: Facebook Services. I highly encourage you to search for Real Estate Agents in your area and take a look at where your page shows up in the results. As you may notice, there appear to be multiple factors that go into the results. The agent with the most reviews does not necessarily show up at the very top which leads us to believe other factors such as activity levels, responsiveness to messages, and proximity, affect the ranking.

TechCrunch has a few ideas of how these results could be ranked...

...could mean that Facebook is using other data it knows about the logged-in user, like whether they’ve visited the Page, rated the business, have liked the page, or had friends who liked the page, and so on. But that’s all just speculation for the time being. (We’ve asked Facebook if it could clarify how this works, and will update if more information is provided.)

So how can you best position yourself to be the top agent in these new search results? Again, we're not 100% sure how Facebook ranks the results, but these four things certainly can't hurt...

  • Make sure your Facebook Page address is accurate
  • Stay active! Don't go weeks without posting
  • Respond to messages ASAP
  • Increase your number of Facebook Reviews

As more information about Facebook Services becomes known, we'll update you, but for now continue to exercise best practices on Facebook and keep an eye out for an e-mail from Back At You Media that will help you increase your Facebook Reviews!