6 Reasons You Need Facebook Ads

In 2017, marketing already looks drastically different than even just a year ago. The world of online ads, social media specifically, has grown exponentially. If you aren’t already at least experimenting with them, you’re falling behind. Here are six reasons you should be advertising more on Facebook.

Specific Targeting

Facebook ads give you the option to choose who you want to target from categories like age, gender, location, interests, relationship status, and more. You can even target potential future behavior like "Likely to move." The recipe for predicting actions like this is complicated, but it works.

Clear Results

As your ad campaign progresses, Facebook provides a complete report of how many people were reached and how many engaged with the ad, allowing you to see your return on investment. These details also help you narrow down exactly what part of your ad campaign could use some tweaking.

Spend What You Want

Facebook allows you to select however much (or little) you want to spend on your ad campaign. It's not like a TV commercial where it basically costs what it costs. The budget is completely up to you and will directly impact how many people see your message!

Large Audience

Facebook has over a billion users and, while not all are active nor will they all be interested in your business, you can be confident that thousands upon thousands of those in your target market are on Facebook extremely frequently.

Expands Brand Recognition

Even if someone sees your ad, but doesn’t click on it or engage with it, they’re still seeing your name/face, thereby increasing your brand awareness. Many times people don't click on an ad until the third or fourth time they've seen it!

Creates Leads

Most importantly, running a well-constructed Facebook ad campaign will turn into leads for you! There are many lead generators out there, but Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient and easy to use!

Think you might be ready for some Facebook advertising? Let's talk today about how we can automate it for you.