5 Awesome Real Estate Websites

Here at Back At You Media we believe that your Facebook Business page should be the focal point of your online presence, but traditional websites still have an important job to do. I've included the desktop and mobile views, you can click to expand them.

Here are five agent websites that go above and beyond!

Dusty Baker - www.dustybakerrealestate.com

Apparently there's more than one "Dusty Baker" and this one isn't the professional baseball manager. Dusty's website for his Santa Barbara real estate brand hits all the must-haves, while adding a attention-grabbing video backdrop to the front page (the screenshot obviously doesn't do it justice.) It certainly doesn't hurt that he's working with stunning luxury properties, but all agents can take a page from his book by incorporating some mesmerizing drone footage (or something similar) to make site visitors linger just a big longer on their sites.

Jeff and Shayne Silver - www.silverrealestategroup.com

The great thing about this site is the use of an embedded YouTube video that immediately introduces you to and gives you a feel for Jeff and Shayne. As we know, feeling comfortable with an agent is important to potential clients. Giving visitors a chance to get a feel for you as a person/professional can quickly spark a connection. Remember, you don't have to have a super-produced video to accomplish this goal. You can create a 30 second, straight to camera video on your smartphone to start!

Michael Bondi - www.lvrealty4sale.com

Michael's site does a few things well, but it does one subtle thing that many sites don't. As you scroll down to check out his Featured Properties or bio, the top bar containing Michael's phone number, email, and social links stays static at the top of your window. Again, nothing Earth-shattering, but it's a nice touch. Other than that, he's got a little chat-style option in the bottom right that where you can quickly and easily shoot him a message. I'd guess it doesn't get used super frequently, but definitely better to have the option than not.

Anchor Point Realty - www.anchorpointrealty.com

The screenshot doesn't really do Anchor Point's website justice so I encourage you to click to check it out. The thing I loved about this site is their focus on what differentiates them. They put a lot of focus on listing technology like 3D tours for all listings and aerial video. I'm sure many brokerages offer similar services, but Anchor Point makes sure it's front and center, and that sort of added value is very enticing to today's sellers.

Nazanin Behjat - www.homesintoronto.org

The top of Nazanin's website is pretty straightforward with a simple search function, but the thing I love about her website is the interactivity as you scroll down. It's great that you can search for homes in a given area or find your home's value without going to any other pages of the site. As you continue down, there's even more varied opportunities for lead capture (distressed properties and free real estate reports.) Many sites have these opportunities, but Nazanin's site doesn't make visitors seek them out, it's all there on the front page.

So what can we glean from this list? First of all, don't hide your personality! Potential clients need to feel a connection. Second, make your strengths clear like Anchor Point does. Lastly, be smart about the lead gen opportunities you have and capitalize on the beauty of your area.

As I mentioned, Back At You Media focuses on social media, so if your website is ready to rock and social media marketing is next on your to-do list, let's talk!