New Feature: Invite "Likers"

Ready for an easy way to increase your Page Likes? We've found a new tool that allows you to do just that!

When several Facebook users Like something you've posted on your business page, you'll see text that reads something like "Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and 198 others Like this." If you click on "198 others Like this," and you'll see a menu like this:


As you can see, Facebook prompts you to "Invite people who Like this POST to Like your PAGE." Many of you have used the Invite Friends feature on your business page, but this new tool allows you to invite people who have interacted with something you've posted!

Obviously if one of these individuals has already Liked your page, Facebook will show that with a "Liked" button and won't let you invite them (reference James Ghoul in the above example). As we see with Kristin UFO and BM Wark, you won't be able to invite every individual who has Liked something on your page due to privacy settings. There's nothing you can do about that, so let's move on. For Dave, Michael, and Bobby, simply click "Invite" and they'll be notified about easily connecting with your business page!

Keep in mind, not all invited individuals will Like the page, but that's ok! Also remember, inviting the same individual over and over will very likely lead to them interacting less and less with your content. The Golden Rule applies on social media too!