Facebook Updates You Need to Know - August '18

Facebook recently announced some changes coming to their Business Pages. Here are the big ones you need to know!

Reviews Are Now Recommendations

Facebook's Page update [GIF]

In the past, Facebook users could give any Facebook Page a star rating without even leaving any sort of text review. This resulted in some really random and puzzling 1-star reviews with no obvious way to flag or remove them.

In an effort to make your Pages' ratings more meaningful and realistic, Facebook will now require recommendations to have a written review of at least 25 characters. To make recommendations even more robust, users will be able to include images and tags (like "Great Service.") Lastly, Facebook has heard your cries: You'll be able to report recommendations for a number of reasons from "Unfair Recommendation" to "Spam."

You can read more about recommendations here.

Want to capitalize on this change? Send your past clients an email that says something along these lines:

"Hey favorite client,

I'm trying to take my social media game to the next level and I wondered if you might be able to help me! If you head to www.facebook.com/MyRealtorPage/reviews and click "Yes" when Facebook asks if you'd recommend my services, that would be amazing!

[Optional] Facebook even lets you add images to reviews now so I attached a great one of us from when we [sold your home/bought your dream home.] Feel free to add it to your review.

Thanks in advance, let's get coffee soon."

If you found that sample email helpful, maybe you could throw a positive recommendation our way at www.facebook.com/backatyou/reviews. (See what we did there? ?) By the way, in the template above, check out the Facebook URL I used. It really is that simply to direct people to your Business Page's recommendations. Just tack on "/reviews" to your Page's unique Facebook URL.

Stories Get More Exposure

If you've been using Instagram Stories for your business or if you're interested in connecting with your audience more personally and frequently, you should consider leveraging Facebook Stories from your Business Page. Facebook is going to make it super easy for users to see Stories posted from your Business Page.

Feeling like you don't have the capacity to create content for yet another 'channel?' Don't stress! Facebook allows you to cross-post your Instagram Story straight to your Facebook Business Page's Story with just one tap or change your settings to send every Insta Story there automatically. (Here are the instructions for that whole deal.)

Job Listings For All

Facebook will soon allow any Business Page to post a job listing! Brokers looking to hire administrative staff or new agents? Agents interested in hiring an assistant or joining a real estate team? Look no further than Facebook's job listings. Learn more about Facebook Jobs here.

So, there you have it. You're all caught up. Now, go get those recommendations and post some Stories! Need any help with your social media presence? That's what we're here for! Schedule a call with us here: BACK AT YOU'S CALENDAR!