Social Media Goals for 2015: Expanding Your Audience Organically

There were plenty of social media developments in 2014 that affected how people do business online and hopefully, we helped you roll with the punches every step of the way. Soon, we’ll have a big announcement that will help you manage your social media efforts better than ever, but for now, let’s set some goals for your social media efforts in 2015!

1) Increase Organic Likes (Free Likes) - By now you’ve probably realized that you can only do so much to get people to follow you on social media for free. We call these free likes, Organic Growth, as opposed to Likes that come from some sort paid advertising effort, aka Paid Likes. Once you’ve used Facebook’s tools that allow you to invite your personal friends and e-mail contacts to Like the business page, you’ll probably notice a plateau in the growth of Likes on your page. When you reach this point, we definitely suggest implementing a paid ad campaign, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on increasing Organic Growth in creative ways!

2) Make Your Facebook Page Known! Your website is great for people who are in the market at that very moment, but it’s probably extremely irrelevant to people that aren’t. Including your Facebook URL (whether it’s a link or just simple text) across your marketing efforts is a really easy way to let people know they can quickly and easily find and stay connected to you. This way, they can keep you one click away so when they are in the market or they have a friend that is, you’re right there in their Facebook News Feed. Remember, your business page is interactive, it’s (hopefully) educational and, most of all, it’s interesting whether someone is currently in the market or not!

3) You should also implement fairly simple practices such as including a link/button for your Facebook business page in your e-mail signature and placing a functional Facebook button on your website (emphasis on the word “functional”). If you have a little more time, consider putting together a quick e-mail blast announcing your Facebook business page. Your friends, family, and former clients would likely be inclined to Like your business page if they only knew how to find it! Simply copy and paste your custom Facebook URL into an e-mail and let people know they stay up to date with you there.

Keep an eye out for more Social Media Goals for the coming year and we’ll help you knock it out of the park on Facebook in 2015!