Dashboard Updates: 6/23/15

As we grow and evolve, we'll be bringing some great updates and tools to your Back At You Dashboard. If you have any questions or if you aren't seeing these updates in your Dashboard, please don't hesitate to let us know by e-mailing support@backatyou.com

Content: Posting Frequency

As you may have noticed, we increased our posting frequency for our Pro users from every other day to every day...for free! No need to thank us! But, when we did this, we got an interesting reaction from some of our users. They asked if we could go back to posting every other day because they were creating a bunch of their own awesome content and they didn't want to overload their followers. This was really encouraging, because we love when our users carve out the time to create their own posts, whether they're posting listings, open houses, videos...it's all good stuff! That said, a lot of our users hired us to keep their pages active because they were too busy to create posts on their end, and they loved the daily content.

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So here's what we did: We let you choose. Get content daily or every other day. Whatever works best for you, works for us. The default is daily, by the way.


Here's how you can adjust this:

  • Go to your Dashboard and sign in
  • Click on Content on the left
  • Click the Settings button on the right (looks like a gear)
  • Take a look under Stream Content and you'll see your posting frequency options

Content: Performance Analytics


If you've ever taken a look at your Dashboard's Reports tab you've probably seen some helpful charts graphs about the growth of your page as well as the demographics of your followers. To further give you stats about your page's performance, we've introduced Post Reports. You can now see the Reach, Likes, Shares, Comments, and Impressions on each and every post that goes out on your Facebook business page. To view these stats, head to the Dashboard and click Reports on the left, then click the Posts tab.


Settings: E-mail Signature (1)

When someone fills out either the Contact Me form or the Home Value tool, a couple things happen:

  • We put their contact information in the Leads tab in your Dashboard
  • We e-mail you their contact information
  • We e-mail the lead a quick Thank You note and let them know that you'll be in touch to help them soon

We now allow you to customize the way we sign off that Thank You e-mail. You can find this by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the Dashboard and then clicking Settings. On the Settings page, you want "Email Signature".

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Settings: Location (2)

You can now customize the zip code from which our weather widget displays data. Our system will also take this location setting into account when scheduling your content. You can find this by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the Dashboard and then clicking Settings. On the Settings page, just look for "Date & Time".

Stay tuned for more updates! We promise to keep it simple and efficient. :)