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Are You (Accidentally) Breaking Fair Housing Laws on Social Media?

If you work in real estate, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of buzz this week about Fair Housing Act violations on social media. Of course, fair housing laws apply to all kinds of marketing including newspapers, magazines, postcards, etc… but lately, online platforms like Facebook seem to be the hot topic for

Surefire Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

There are a lot of people on social media… and I mean a LOT. In fact, there are so many people on social media that experts estimate the number of users to exceed three billion (aka, one third of the global population) by the year 2021! Holy smokes.

Real Estate Social Media Predictions For 2019

As many of us know by now, social media provides doors, visibility, and engagement that real estate agents cannot access with any other marketing medium. With a tumultuous 2018 behind us, what lies ahead when it comes to our beloved social networks and marketing strategies to capitalize on their impact?

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