3 Facebook Ads You Should ALWAYS Run For Your Company

The power of Facebook ads should be harnessed by every broker across the country. Not sure where to start? Take advantage of these three ad types and grow from there.

Carousel Ads to Display Multiple Properties

Sure, you could create an ad to promote all of your properties individually, but you'll end up spending a portion of your budget on people who aren't interested in any given home. If you create a carousel ad and feature multiple properties, you're increasing your chances of serving up something that will really pique the interest of each member of your target market. Each property can have its own description and its own landing page link.

Recruitment Ads That Don't Suck

Whether you direct your ads to Facebook Jobs or use a different job site, your recruitment should be awesome, inspiring, dare I say intriguing! Use a Call-To-Action button like Learn More or Send Message and use creatives that feature the reasons top talent should want to join your squad. Also, I'm begging you not to use a stock photo like this:

Image via Shutterstock

Up your stock photo game without spending a penny by using awesome sites like Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, and more. Instead use something like this that represents your actual company culture and looks like real people:

Image via Pexels

Seller Lead Capture Ads

You and your agents could always use more sellers, right? Once you find creatives that work with your target audience, you should pretty much run these ads on an ongoing basis. Regardless of whether you use home valuation, some sort of seller guide, or anything else as the incentive for leads to submit their info, find a seller lead ad that works and run with it! Want to make sure you're getting verified information at an extremely high rate? Check out Facebook's Lead Ads which automatically fill in the lead's contact info.

Here's how we do it...

If you're telling yourself that you'd love to get some of these ads running for your brokerage, but don't have the time or know-how, don't stress! Just book a quick demo with our Broker Solutions Team and let's discuss how we can do all this and more for you. We're the proud member of the National Association of REALTORS®' Member Benefits program®, if you were curious about our credentials!