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Did you know that this month a world record was set for the number of subscribers lost by a YouTube channel? We’re talking over 2.5 MILLION users opted out of following makeup artist James Charles because of a friendship feud made public. Ouch! Not only did this drama hurt his following, but multiple brands and potential sponsors have backed out of supporting his future success. This whole ordeal begs the question: Is there a way in which businesses on social media can keep themselves in check when it comes to losing clients? The answer is a resounding YES!

In 2019, it’s a no brainer that a business needs to have a social media presence in order to be relevant. But with the growing popularity of social media, third-party review websites, blogs, and other digital platforms, maintaining a strong online reputation is now vital to long-term success. Let’s face it, most people allow a quick internet search to dictate where they spend their money. When someone Googles your name or business, more than just “” shows on that first page of search results. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram will all assist in owning the first search engine results, so presenting a positive social media presence is imperative for a good online reputation.

Social media has given local consumers channels to voice their praise and complaints about your business, similar to any online review platform. And considering that 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, it’s pretty clear that your digital reputation can make or break your business. Obviously, social media is powerful… but that doesn’t mean it’s a magic wand for reputation-boosting benefits. Here are some key points to make sure you are ready to make a positive impression on social media:

  • Keep Personal Profiles Separate

Let’s be honest: Social media fosters a climate of deeply divided political and cultural issues, and it’s very easy to turn off a potential client by retweeting or posting on the wrong account. If you’re sharing about your political and religious views on your personal account – that’s fine – that’s expected! But your business page? Let’s keep that separate. Now, if you happen to work in politics or for a religious organization, this point isn’t for you. But, if you are marketing your service to the average consumer, it’s a best practice to make sure you don’t alienate a potential client.

  • Regularly Update Business Pages With Content

Speaking of posting, make sure the content you DO distribute on your business page goes out on a regular basis. Simply establishing social media profiles isn’t going to cut it… Not only does a full profile of content show users that you’re relevant, but you’re also showing search engines that your profile is active and consistent to your brand. If you don’t have the resources, or aren’t sure what to post, feel free to contact Back At You Media for automated content professionally curated for your brand & business – click here to learn more!

  • Practice What You Post!

If you’re posting about your eye for luxurious detail, your unmatched ability to negotiate, or your excellent communication skills, be mindful to follow through! Failing to live up to your online reputation is a mistake that can ruin your brand, especially now that online reviews can make or break your ability to attract new clients. When someone comments on one of your posts, you should always be responding to foster an online relationship. If you promise unequaled availability in your branding, you’d better be answering clients’ calls and responding to emails like your career depends on it – because it does!

  • Bring The “Social” Aspect To Your Social Media Pages

We’ve come such a long way since the early days of Facebook, when social networks were just that – connecting with your friends and family online. In the last few years, content on social media seemed to exclusively be geared towards monetization and advertising efforts rather than pure socialization. But what about 2019 and beyond? Although promoting your business will always be important, gone are the days of pushy sales tactics. Your social media profiles give you a huge opportunity to share your businesses’ positive narrative, so don’t just use them to sell your products and services. The next few years will be all about sharing relevant and engaging content to spark genuine conversations with your audience. Sprinkling your feed with some non-real estate related content is a great start to this strategy. Got a great local restaurant review? Share it! Want your audience to vote on their favorite color to paint a kitchen? Ask them! These simple, but meaningful social conversations will snowball into a top-of-mind awareness and genuine interest from leads.

Social networks have completely shifted the way online reputations can be built or broken by enabling consumers to participate in conversations about the services being offered. In fact, most digital marketers consider social media the most important platform for monitoring their online reputation. Using social networks to monitor your brand’s influence, engage with customers, and promote your company’s message takes time and resources.

With this in mind, it’s time to put together a successful marketing strategy to make sure you’re ahead of the competition! Back At You Media can alleviate your social media pains by providing tools to amplify the exposure of your brand, automatically market your listings, distribute engaging content, recruit top talent, and provide transparent analytics to measure the impact of our efforts! If you’re not using our full-service system yet, schedule a call today!