New Facebook Feature: Preferred Page Audience

Facebook recently released a really interesting tool for business pages that may help you appeal to your next potential clients. We'll show you how to set it up and make your Facebook more focused than ever. This new tool is called Preferred Page Audience. It allows you to tell Facebook which of your followers are

Facebook Messaging Becoming More Efficient Than E-mail?

It's hard to imagine e-mail being replaced on a large scale, but Facebook has never backed down from a challenge. Recently, some Facebook business page owners have seen major enhancements in their Page Messaging menus that could make communications with clients or potential clients very time-efficient while preserving a personalized feel. Let's take a look

Mobile-Friendly is a Must (Not Just Because Google Says So)

A change you already should have made is now imperative... The advantages of a mobile-friendly website have been apparent for some time now, but starting about a week ago (April 21st), Google is making mobile-friendliness an absolute necessity. Google has made a change to the way their search results are populated and now people using their phones to search will be