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If you’re tired of receiving partial leads (address only) or leads with questionable contact info, we’ve got something new that you’re going to love!

From now on, when someone enters an address in your Back At You Media Home Value landing page, our Lead Inspector will automatically check public records for data about that property. Obviously this data shouldn’t be treated as gospel 100% of the time, but it should be helpful more often than not!


Here’s what we are able to supplement:

  • Residence Information
    • Homeowner Name
    • Homeowner Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
    • Homeowner E-mail
    • Landline
    • Homeowner Cell Phone
  • Mortgage Information
    • Length of Residence
    • Mortgage Date
    • Purchase Price
  • Household Members
    • Names of Residents
  • Additional Information
    • Homeowner Vehicles

Lead Inspector won’t be able to provide all of the details for EVERY lead, but when that information is available, we’ll provide it for you. Best of all, this new feature is absolutely free to our existing users!

We’ve also added a notation system within the Leads tab so you can keep track of which leads you’ve contacted and how those conversations have gone.

To receive consistent, targeted leads, we highly encourage you to take advantage of one of our GuaranteedREACH + Leads packages. Shoot us an email ( if you’d like more information!