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It may seem overly simple to focus on a social media bio, but the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” holds true in many aspects of business, ESPECIALLY presenting yourself online. When someone lands on your profile, they want to know what you’re about and why they should care without scrolling through pages of your content. After all, social media is notorious for having distracted users. With viral cat videos, clickbait articles that “will shock you”, and Game Of Thrones spoilers, this is the medium where people have incredibly short attention spans. If you only have a few seconds to attract a potential client, a solid bio is a great place to start. Since social media is oftentimes the first place leads inquire for more information about a company, having a thorough presence across all platforms is incredibly important.

Every bio, regardless of platform, should include these key pieces of information:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Where you conduct business
  • Your contact information
  • The tone of your brand & business

Many social media platforms differ when it comes to bio requirements and specifications, so we’ve put together the following tips & examples so you can effortlessly create your own for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook has made it incredibly easy to engage customers with a detailed bio, so if you haven’t taken advantage of this section, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to capture new business! Facebook allows you to add general business and contact information easily, but we’re going to focus on the section that says “More Info”.

The  “More Info” aspect of a Facebook page includes an “About” and “Company Overview” subsection that can make or break your overall bio. Since the “Business Info” and “Contact Info” sections of a Facebook Page are fairly self-explanatory and direct (see below), the “More Info” section is where you can let your creativity and brand values shine! Whether you want to show off your funny personality, awards and credentials, your eye for luxury, or something else that sets you apart from others, remember that this is a place to be self-promotional and give a reason for people to follow you. Your bio is what will foster a connection with new leads right from the start.


*** PRO TIP: Did you know that another reason to have a good bio is to generate online search results? The more optimized your bio is, the more traffic and potential clients you’ll attract!


160 characters only? No problem! Twitter also allows you to plug in your website, location of business, and professional name outside of the limited bio section, so no need to waste your precious 160 characters on the basics. Now look… it’s pretty obvious that you can’t express your every achievement or personality trait within 160 characters – nor should you! People tend to scan through a line or two and pick out relevant points from your Twitter profile – brevity is key! Think of your Twitter bio as a headline that gets straight to the point. Here are some examples that do a great job of showcasing their personality and snapshot of their business:


*** PRO TIP: If you want to have a more lengthy call-to-action on your Twitter page, consider pinning a tweet about your credentials, a recent achievement, or even a landing page to the top of your profile!


Similar to your Twitter bio, you are limited with the amount of characters at your disposal (150), so you need to immediately compel visitors to take some kind of action: a follow, a click on your website, or simply liking a post.

Instagram is a visual medium, right? So, creating an eye-catching bio will impress your followers with its visual appeal. You can do this by adding Emojis, using text symbols, or spacing out your text with line breaks.  This is also a great way to position your personal brand on Instagram! If you like to switch up the aesthetic of your Instagram bio, you can save multiple drafts on a note-taking application on your smartphone to copy & paste whenever you need a change.



Are you making the mistake of overlooking your LinkedIn account? When someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn shows up 90% of the time – so your profile shouldn’t be ignored. There’s a lot that can go into your LinkedIn considering that it basically serves as a giant career biography, but the most important part of your profile is your “Summary” where you can add optimized words for searches and show off your credentials.

In contrast to the “short and sweet” nature of the Twitter and Instagram bios, LinkedIn allows for much more writing space here which provides the option for you to elaborate on who you are, the skills you possess, and why your audience should take notice. LinkedIn also allows you to upload videos, images, and other assets to your profile’s “Summary” section to add a little more pizazz!  This is the opportunity to captivate new business, so don’t be afraid to shine.


With all of these platforms, it’s important to keep bios updated to maintain their effectiveness. Check them regularly to be certain that it still reflects the right information, because a strong social media bio is truly one of the most important tools at your disposal.

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