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If you use Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen the fairly recent and wildly popular addition of Instagram Stories. They’re more or less a clone of Snapchat Stories, which allow you to string together short video and/or images to be viewed by your friends/followers. It’s a simple, engaging way to stay top-of-mind with your followers and put your personality on display, but even more than that, it can be a great way to showcase listings!

So why are we just mentioning this to you now? Because Facebook is probably going to add these same sorts of stories to the top of their smartphone app! Still wondering why you should care? Well, besides the fact that nearly everyone you know (and everyone they know) uses Facebook on a very regular basis, these stories can be the new, best way to reach your audience!

 Those circles at the top…those are the Stories! (Try to ignore the puppy)

The reason we created our GuaranteedREACH package was to combat the fact that content from Business Pages on Facebook simply weren’t reaching more than 10% of their following! The combination of GuaranteedREACH and these new Facebook Stories could be the best way to market yourself and your listings.

The only downside…is that these Facebook Stories are still being tested and are not live yet. However, it’s good to know what’s coming around the bend and have a plan to market through exciting, new channels! We’ll keep you in the loop concerning these Facebook Stories and their developments.