How Real Estate Agents Hacked Facebook’s News Feed

You may have been recently heard some murmurs about Facebook making changes to how their News Feed works and wondered how that might affect your social media presence. If you haven’t yet heard about these changes, basically Facebook will be showing less posts from Facebook Business Pages in the News Feed and showing more posts from your friends and family. In the business we call this declining organic reach, aka the social media version of your page saying, “Bueller?…Bueller?”

Simply put, less content from Pages being shown in the News Feed means less eyeballs on the things you have to say and want to share with your followers. Sounding less than ideal, right? Well, don’t fret quite yet because we’ve already figured out a way to make sure that Pages like yours still get the exposure required to have an impact. Think of it like being on a float in the middle of a parade with a microphone.

Without getting too far into the weeds, here’s how we do it: We ask you who you want to get in front of, you give us money, we post great content for you, and make sure that over 6,000 Facebook users in your target market see that content every single month.

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We’ve spoken with our contacts at Facebook who assured us that our software will make the content we post for our users immune to these changes and our posts will reach just as many people as before. If you aren’t consistently posting content and/or aren’t promoting that content on Facebook, you could soon be seen by less and less of your audience. If this is you, consider our Silver package. It includes our secret sauce so you can be confident that your post exposure will remain at a stellar level as Facebook makes these changes!

With Back At You Media, you can be confident that your social media will never take a day off…you’re getting all these Ferris Bueller references, right? Felt like they were pretty obvious.

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