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I guarantee that if you open up your Facebook timeline, Instagram feed, or even your personal texts, you’ll be able to spot several emojis within the first minute of your browsing. After all, who wouldn’t want to use emojis?! 🤩Those cute & colorful characters are able to spruce up messaging, convey emotion beyond words, and add some FUN to digital communication! 

Not only are they cute, but it turns out they’re pretty darn useful as well. Emojis are powerful 💪because they allow us to communicate beyond using words and punctuation alone. Let’s take the phrase “happy birthday” as an example.

Without punctuation, it seems pretty bland:

Happy birthday

Let’s look at that same message, but expressed with an exclamation point at the end:

Happy birthday!

Now let’s add emojis to that same exclamation:

Happy birthday! 😍🎂🎁🎉

See how the sentiment remains the same, but the level of excitement varies? Obviously, emojis cannot fully replace text (or else we’d just revert back to hieroglyphics 😂), but they definitely add a little pizzazz to enforce the emotional goal of your messaging. Think about it… if nearly 70% of meaning derived from spoken language comes from nonverbal cues, it only makes sense that adding emojis can add some context to your online messaging beyond words alone. 🤔

Enhancing your marketing has never been easier than simply adding a little ✨😊🍾 to your messaging. Using emojis isn’t only an effective way to reach millennials, but a way to increase your engagement across all of your branding efforts! Just look at these amazing statistics based off of emoji usage:

Emojis are so impactful that Facebook added a set of five additional emoji-inspired “reactions” to content in addition to the original “like” button. In fact, the value of emoji usage is increasing significantly considering Google even made it possible for users to include them in their searches. Will using one emoji immediately generate hundreds of leads for you overnight? No, but using emojis as a real estate professional can help you define your brand and personality with minimal effort. Look at these examples of how you can use emojis in your social media captions:


From general content, advertising your brand, or even replying to comments, the options are endless when it comes to using these fun little characters! Back At You Media just launched an emoji keyboard in our very own Social Media Center for you to use on all of your social media content! Let us alleviate your social media pains by providing tools to amplify the exposure of your brand, automatically market your listings, distribute engaging content, recruit top talent, and provide transparent analytics to measure the impact of our efforts! If you’re not using our full-service system yet, schedule a call today!