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Be Ahead of the Game with Facebook “Services”

Last week, Facebook quietly started testing a new service similar to Yelp which you can check out here: Facebook Services. I highly encourage you to search for Real Estate Agents in your area and take a look at where your page shows up in the results. As you may notice, there appear to be multiple factors

Your Facebook Page Can Now Stream Live Video!

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that it had become much easier to be Facebook Verified? (In case you missed it...) And perhaps you heard that Facebook was experimenting with live video streaming, but it was only available to celebrities. Well as of yesterday, live video streaming is now available to all Verified

How to Measure Success on Social Media

In real estate, your personal brand is of the utmost importance; clearly that's not breaking news to any of you. Another obvious statement: It's always important to have measurable return on your marketing investments. So, the question becomes, where is your social media ROI coming from? If you're doing it right, social media marketing will affect your

The Future of Virtual Tours

Think about your average virtual tour... In reality, it's just a fancy name for a slideshow right? Obviously, there's nothing wrong with a slideshow of a home, it gives you a decent visual idea of what a home is, but with the plethora of technology being developed everyday, the future of virtual tours is really