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The summer months are undeniably the favorites of many because of their relaxed nature. However, for many of us, the thought of an easy-breezy summer isn’t always in the cards… There are houses to sell! Open houses to host! Paperwork to complete! But as hard working as you may be, not everybody is open to sacrificing time off from their lazy sun-filled days – and that includes your target market.

The good news? Although many things slow down this time of year, social media is not one of them. We’re giving you the top three strategies to ensure you’re staying top of mind this summer:

Summer Vacations = More Sharing Online

July is by far the most popular time for taking a summer vacation, with 51% of Americans saying they will vacation this month. However, taking a trip doesn’t mean completely unplugging anymore. 74% of American vacationers still use social media while on vacation. After all, sharing photos on social media is the new “postcard”! While people are sharing online, make sure you’re staying top of mind by posting your own relevant content with calls to action attached to them.

Don’t skip out on the mobile marketing

We already know that summertime is when people are out and about, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward for mobile-friendly marketing! Data tells us that social media users are 20% more likely to browse their feeds on their cell phones during the summer months. Here are a few tips to make sure your content is optimized for mobile social media users:

  • Do not use long paragraphs. When people are on-the-go, too much text will lose them.
  • Make sure images are high-quality and closely cropped to show as much detail as possible via smaller screens,
  • Subtitle your videos! Research tells us that 85% of video watched on Facebook is without the sound turned on. When people are scrolling through their feeds mindlessly, make sure they can still understand what your video is about by utilizing closed captioning apps.

Summer Relevant Content

Here’s a no-brainer: Make sure you’re posting seasonally appropriate content! Beyond the holidays, there are several summer activities that are relevant this time of year. Your audience may enjoy participating in cookouts, lake trips, kid-friendly activities, back to school prep, camping, etc. Here are some content ideas to inspire you:

  • Share your best backyard secrets to keep bugs away!
  • Post instructions for DIY yard games like cornhole, giant Jenga, etc.
  • Share a picture of an impressive grill, pool, or patio in a local listing.
  • Link to the top safety tips for pets during hot summer months.

Remember – it’s okay to post non-real estate related content!  Although promoting your business will always be important, gone are the days of pushy sales tactics. This summer is all about sharing relevant, engaging content to spark genuine conversations with your audience. Sprinkling your feed with some non-real estate related content is a great start to this strategy. Got a great local restaurant review? Share it! Want your audience to vote on their favorite color to paint a kitchen? Ask them! These simple, but meaningful social conversations will snowball into a top-of-mind awareness and genuine interest from leads!

*** PRO TIP: Make sure to look at your local city’s calendar to make sure you’re sharing community events! You can share details about Shakespeare in the park, the local farmers market, carnivals, or charity events that happen this time of year. There’s nothing better than showing your audience you’re an expert for all things happening in the area. 

Implementing these tips will supercharge your summer social media success, keep your audience interested, and attract new business to your pages! Want help with putting these tactics in motion? Back At You can alleviate your social media pains by providing tools to immediately amplify exposure of your brand, distribute engaging content, recruit top talent, and provide transparent analytics to measure the impact of our efforts! Back At You is the ONLY social media company that is backed by the National Association of REALTORS®’ REALTOR Benefits® Program, AND is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with ad Technology and FBX specialties. If you’re not using our full-service system yet, schedule a call today!