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As a social media marketing company, we obviously have a preference when it comes to social media marketing versus traditional marketing. But what do the numbers say?

As seen in the graphic below, the average physical postcard costs 67 cents to print and ship, while the average digital “postcard” costs just 1.3 cents, more than 50 times less than the price of a physical postcard.

And when you go digital (with us), we provide you the design, a single property website, and the analytics on how your postcard performed with your target market. How many physical postcards can tell you exactly how many people saw and read them?

To us, the choice is clear. By going digital, agents are able to spend less money, reach more targeted people, and get precise results on exactly how many people they reached. If you want to find out more about how you can use social media to generate more leads and more listings, let’s talk!